Need to serve divorce documents in Plant City, Florida?

If you're going through a divorce, you may need to have divorce documents served to your spouse. This can be a complicated and emotional process, which is why it's important to hire a professional process server to handle the task. Let's explore the process of se…

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Serving Child Support Documents

Child support is a legal obligation that parents have to support their children financially. If one parent is not fulfilling this obligation, the other parent can take legal action to enforce it. This often involves serving child support documents to the non-payin…

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Wage Garnishment Service

Let us take out the stress of getting a time sensitive wage Garnishment served. With Hundreds of wage garnishments getting served by our team we can ensure our servers are experts in handling these quickly and reliably. 

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Hillsborough County Eviction Service

 As a process server, one of the most common types of legal documents we handle is an eviction notice. An eviction notice is a legal document that informs a tenant that they must vacate the property they are renting within a specified period of time.

At A Local Ser…

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Need Service of Process in Plant City, FL?

A Local Serve is the Best Plant City Process Serving Company. We work for hundreds of paralegals, Attorneys, Businesses and locals, and were confident that we can be of great assistance to you as well . If you want to learn more about the services we offer feel f…

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Defendant Avoiding Service? Need us to provide a stake out?

Is the person you need to serve flat out just avoiding service?

You may need to require our stake-out services. 

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Serving Registered Agents Made Easy: How Our Process Server Business Can Assist You

As a process server business, we understand the importance of efficiently serving legal documents, especially when it comes to registered agents. In this article, we will discuss the significance of registered agents, the challenges that may arise during the servi…

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How we meet Due Diligence

Ways we meet Due Diligence for our clients and the court.

Checking with neighbors

calling numbers when provided

noting name on packages left at door

listing license plates present

Attempts at meaningful times

1.) One morning before 11 AM

2.) One evening aft…

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Increased Chance of Success

When is the best time to attempt service?

Most people work 9-5 and due to this the most successful process servers work the opposite schedule. We have noted that the most Successful services occur between 4-8 PM and on weekends.

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Florida Service of Process Laws Note

Resisting a person legally authorized to execute process in the execution of legal process with violence is a 3rd-degree felony in the State of Florida. Resisting without violence is considered a 1st-degree misdemeanor. [2000 Florida Statutes: Title XLVI - Crimes.…

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Florida Serve Rules

Notary Not Required

Cannot Serve on Sundays

Affidavit needs to state when server received documents from client and that the server placed initials , identification number and date and hour of service on served document'

INDIVIDUAL + Personal + Substituted + Dw…

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