Florida Serve Rules

Florida Serve Rules

Florida Serve Rules

Notary Not Required

Cannot Serve on Sundays

Affidavit needs to state when server received documents from client and that the server placed initials , identification number and date and hour of service on served document'

INDIVIDUAL + Personal + Substituted + Dwelling/house/Usual place of abode - competent member of the

household, 15+ - be informed of the contents thereof + Usual place of business - Employer must allow service on

a defendant or witness in a private area at workplace + Spousal - May serve the spouse of defendant or witness if

they agree to meet - Does not include divorce proceedings + D/B/A (sole proprietorship) (ONLY IF TWO

ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE TO PERSONALLY SERVE) - Serve person in charge at place of business during

regular business hours + If the only address for the defendant or witness is a private mailbox, a virtual office, an

executive office or mini suite - Serve person in charge of mailbox/virtual office etc. at location

PARTNERSHIPS AND LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS + any partner or designated employee by partner during business

hours + Substituted after 1 attempt is allowed - person in charge during business hours

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) + Registered Agent or any employee of registered agent + If Registered

Agent not available, service any member/manager + If Registered Agent, member or manager not available, sub

service on any person in charge + Sub serve on Secretary of State if all else fails

CORPORATION + President, Vice President, CEO, or other head of the corporation - In their absence - cashier,

treasurer, secretary, or general manager + In their absence - any director - In their absence - any officer or

business agent residing in the state. + Address is a private mailbox/virtual office - person in charge, but they must

also maintain a mailbox/ virtual office etc. at location

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS + Registered Agent - Sub on any officer, director, or business agent at any place of Business

PUBLIC ENTITY (STATE, COUNTY, CITY, ETC.) + president, mayor, chair, or other head thereof - In their absence

vice president, vice mayor, or vice chair + In their absence - member of the governing board, council, or

commission + State of Florida - state attorney or an assistant state attorney


MINOR + Parent, guardian or conservator

INCOMPETENT PERSON + Parent, guardian or conservator - Must serve 2 copies

POSTING (EVICTIONS) + Must make 2 separate attempts at least 6 hours apart + No one under 15 can be living in The residence


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