Florida Serve Rules

Florida Serve Rules

Notary Not Required

Cannot Serve on Sundays

Affidavit needs to state when server received documents from client and that the server placed initials , identification number and date and hour of service on served document'

INDIVIDUAL + Personal + Substituted + Dwelling/house/Usual place of abode - competent member of the

household, 15+ - be informed of the contents thereof + Usual place of business - Employer must allow service on

a defendant or witness in a private area at workplace + Spousal - May serve the spouse of defendant or witness if

they agree to meet - Does not include divorce proceedings + D/B/A (sole proprietorship) (ONLY IF TWO

ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE TO PERSONALLY SERVE) - Serve person in charge at place of business during

regular business hours + If the only address for the defendant or witness is a private mailbox, a virtual office, an

executive office or mini suite - Serve person in charge of mailbox/virtual office etc. at location

PARTNERSHIPS AND LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS + any partner or designated employee by partner during business

hours + Substituted after 1 attempt is allowed - person in charge during business hours

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) + Registered Agent or any employee of registered agent + If Registered

Agent not available, service any member/manager + If Registered Agent, member or manager not available, sub

service on any person in charge + Sub serve on Secretary of State if all else fails

CORPORATION + President, Vice President, CEO, or other head of the corporation - In their absence - cashier,

treasurer, secretary, or general manager + In their absence - any director - In their absence - any officer or

business agent residing in the state. + Address is a private mailbox/virtual office - person in charge, but they must

also maintain a mailbox/ virtual office etc. at location

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS + Registered Agent - Sub on any officer, director, or business agent at any place of Business

PUBLIC ENTITY (STATE, COUNTY, CITY, ETC.) + president, mayor, chair, or other head thereof - In their absence

vice president, vice mayor, or vice chair + In their absence - member of the governing board, council, or

commission + State of Florida - state attorney or an assistant state attorney


MINOR + Parent, guardian or conservator

INCOMPETENT PERSON + Parent, guardian or conservator - Must serve 2 copies

POSTING (EVICTIONS) + Must make 2 separate attempts at least 6 hours apart + No one under 15 can be living in The residence


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